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What is people-led housing?

People-led housing is any housing development that puts the people who will live in the development at the centre of the development process and aims to build a sense of community among residents. This includes cohousing, cooperative building, tiny house villages, and pocket neighbourhoods.

We're excited about this approach because these types of projects cost less, are more environmentally friendly, and produce more friendly neighbourhoods than traditional projects.

  • What will I be sharing with my neighbours?

    There are a number of facilities that tend to be included in private dwellings by default - e.g. guest rooms, laundry rooms, outdoor space. This is not only expensive, it also reduces interactions with neighbours. So sharing facilities help keep costs down and build friendly communities

    That being said, we realize that it is important for everyone has their private family space so in all of our projects, each home comes with private bedroom, bathrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, just like normal.

  • How are decisions made within a co-housing development?

    We will dedicate a blog post to all the ins and outs about this, as there is a lot to cover.