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Social Responsibility

  • What does Kaenga do to be socially responsible?

    There are several aspects to co-housing that make it more socially responsible than developer-led construction.  These are:

    1. stronger focus on sustainability, with our "group buy" approach, it is more likely we can afford eco-friendly solutions such as: car-sharing, solar panels, grey water, water recovery, high-level insulation, etc... As co-housing also promotes smaller homes, the footprint per home is also smaller.
    2. stronger community and more neighbour contact means that people are less likely to end up in a difficult situation as community members can work together to solve issues.
    3. the cost reduction and reduced profit margins means that more people can own their own home.
  • Do you offer low-cost housing?

    Not in the strictest sense of the word, but one of the three aims of co-housing is to offer lower cost housing.  Please have a look at the Money and Investment section for more information.

  • Who can buy a property in a Kaenga project?

    Most of Kaenga's projects are aimed at owner/occupiers and are not open to investors who want to rent properties out. Our approach is designed to give residents a say about what their home will look like and to build cohesive communities. At the moment, this is only possible if the buyers become the residents.

    However, if you want to invest in a Kaenga project, it is possible to invest directly into one of these developments.