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Kaenga helps kiwis into more affordable, sustainable, and neighbourly homes.
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why Kaenga?

Most modern dwellings are designed to keep others out, to protect private space. This has a profound effect. It cuts us off from our neighbourhood – it makes us lonely in a city full of people.

We do things differently. We build homes that are designed with community in mind. We make it easier to interact with your neighbours by providing shared spaces like roof top gardens and guest studios. This also saves you money and gives you access to better facilities. Even better, you'll get a say in what your new home looks because we ask you what you want before we start designing your home.

Naturally, Kaenga built homes are designed to conserve energy and use environmentally sound concepts and technologies like car sharing and efficient heat exchange systems.

In short, Kaenga combines the privacy and joy of owning your own home with engaging public spaces and facilities. This results in lower cost housing within more engaged neighbourhoods.  Combined with green building techniques, Kaenga is a compelling alternative for the home owners of the future. 


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